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Former Leni Robredo Campaign Strategist Criticize her for 'shooting down PH'

Malou Tiquia, a political expert and previous campaign strategist for Vice President Leni Robredo threw criticims at her after the VP conveyed a message to the United Nations where she reported on the country's status status qou with the ongoing operations for President Rodrigo Duterte's Drug war.

That statement on palit ulo and the video produced are truly bothersome because, lies were peddled, lies will be shown in an international forum on human rights and said by a sitting Vice President, hitting directly the incumbent, PRRD.

Shooting our police institution (PNP) that is grappling with internal challenges and the men and women holding on to build a new one is truly sad. Then you shoot the country for a piece of gold.

Have you offered a concrete plan or real program? Easy to shoot and then say, hey I am just the Vice President, right? A VP who hits the country domestically by such inane statements n a VP who peddles pointed generalizations in hitting the president internationally. That is being VP, right?

I never thought that the crown was so important to you that you are willing to peddle a story without proof. So "palit ulo" is the new word to the frame what you yourself kept saying, "culture of impunity, hate and anger." And you recently said, it is time to change the national conversation? So this is what you meant? And this is where you want to bring this country? Seriously?

I am truly sad that you can't have a modicum of respect to institutions. Your husband never attacked. He just worked, worked, worked, even if people in his party undermined him day in, day out. Aaah, but you are not Jesse...This is truly a very late realization but I wanted to hold on to what you said...I guess that was just your way of convincing us to help you then? Words hurt, lies hurt and your actuations are unbelievable.

You want the presidency? Get it, grab it, burn it...but we will stand, build a wall around it, hold it strong until you and your power hungry group realize that the only way to go is red.

I have kept my peace despite the things you said. I have kept my word despite attacks from your supporters. I have not commented on the "Collective" narratives because I wanted to read, know and appreciate the full story, invented or otherwise, I know the shades of grey.

As I posted last 3 March #Jesse, it was a meme saying, "when the past is dead, let it rest in peace." I continue to take that position.

But when you shoot my country down, I will take an issue on the lies, chicanery and the propaganda you spew. You caused your being boxed in. You only have yourself to blame...and probably the core around you who continually pulls you away from your base and the promise of being.

Source: Facebook Page Hidden Truth, Malou Tiquia

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