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Exposed: Abu Saad's Revelation Before his Death Must Read!

Saad Samad Kiram, alis abu saad, was investigated by experts on Thursday a week ago at Camp Dagohoy in Tagbilaran City after he was caught by government troops in a town in Tubigon earlier that day.

He reportedly left weeks-long hiding away because of hunger

As he was being transported to the Bohol District Jail in the small hours of Friday a week ago, Kiram supposedly evaded prompting a two-hour manhunt.

Specialists said that Kiram opposed capture when police gotten up to speed with him in Barangay Cabawan, Tagbilaran City inciting agents to shoot him dead.

Following the incident, the Commission on Human Rights and the Bohol Provincial Police Office itself launched separate investigations on the circumstances surrounding the death of Kiram.

• During interrogation, Saad admitted he was one of the boatmen of the three kumpits (fast twin-engine boat) that entered Inabanga town on April 10.

• According to sources privy to Saad’s investigation, he was commissioned by Abu Rami to take them to Bohol and was paid P10,000.

• It was revealed that he carried persons in his kumpit while the second boat carried improvised explosive devices and weapons, and the third was loaded with provisions and logistics materials.

• Saad reportedly said he regretted coming to Bohol since the place is unfamiliar to him and other members. He initially opted to just stay in Sulu with his family but eventually joined the group on orders of Abu Rami, the alleged leader of the group who was earlier shot dead with three of his comrades in Inabanga town on April 11.

• He said it was Abu Rami who insisted they should go to Bohol for a mission to conduct a kidnapping and establish a base outside Sulu.

• Investigators earlier learned that Saad sustained a gunshot wound in his left shoulder during the firefight in Inabanga on April 11. He was in one of the houses during the gunfight in the town which enabled him to flee to the adjacent town of Clarin.

• Saad also admitted that ASG bomb expert Renierlo Dongon had contacted him about the planned rescue operation. They were exchanging text messages few minutes before Dongon together with Police Supt. Christina Nobleza were arrested in a checkpoint manned by the Philippine Army in Clarin town.

• Saad also revealed that after they fled from the government siege in Inabanga town on April 11, they were led by Joselito Melloria to Clarin where they were supposed to wait for their rescuers.

• While in Clarin, they hid in the cave in Barangay Bacani. But when authorities learned about their hiding place, a firefight ensued and Melloria was the first to get killed.

• Other two remnants ran towards another other direction, while Kiram and three others fled to Barangay Caboy where his comrades were killed.

• Saad survived the Clarin clash by rolling down the hill and avoiding populated areas. Hunger, however, drove him to go out and ask for food. He said he has knowledge on what happened to the two other Abu Sayyaf members.

Source: BoholChronicle

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