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READ: How Mindanaons reacts to their Mayor Parojinog’s Death.

The death of Ozamiz City previous Mayor Reynaldo "Parojinog" and 14 others got blended responses from the Mindanaoans who know about the family who considered as "untouchable" for quite a long time.

Some of them cheered the demise of the lawmaker while the others particularly from the Ozamiz were as yet stunned and tragic for what happened to their leader.

But some of them even rejoiced the death of their own mayor like what this netizen said.

She expressed gratitude toward the CIDG and PNP and complimented them for what they achieved yesterday.

The netizen depicted how the Parojinogs moved toward becoming untouchables by the hands of law and how the general population of Ozamiz dreaded them.

“I’m from Ozamiz. Thanks to PNP CIDG congratulations. Thanks Tatay Digong for war on drugs. Tha Parojinogs lorded over Ozamiz as untouchables by the hands of law since time immemorial. So terrifying their names were hesitant to mention explicitly their names even as students studying as far as Central Visayas.

The dreaded Kuratong Baleleng, where Lacson was once charged of rubout, hailed from their turf and their reach was vast and deep that it was reckoned they could give MILF a run for their money in gun fight.

I had seen Aldong cried on TV when Digong mentioned him included in his list and it was then I know their good ‘ole’ days were over” She said.

Netizen Zy Rus, rejoiced the death of Mayor Parojinog and described what happened yesterday as the start of the rebuilding of Ozamiz City.


Nexie Roldan from Davao, said that she was amazed that some people were even sympathized to the death of Mayor Parojinogs even it’s clearly reported that the politician fought the serving officers.

“Napaka amazing kasi may mga naaawa sa kanila kasi pinatay sila. Nanlaban naman sila! Namatayan nga ang raiding team ng PNP kasi lumaban. Jusko! Itong mga ibang pinoy!! Somobra na.” Nexie said.

Ruth Buenaventura Afdal from who grew up in Ozamiz City recounted how her friends called her hometown as the “City of Drugs and Stones” because of the alleged rampant illegal drug trade in the said city. She was sad for the death of their mayor, but she believe that what happened yesterday was part of the ‘change’ promised by President Duterte.

“Grew up in ozamiz city ever since Mayor Parojinog was the mayor, i always get other people telling me ‘ah taga ozamiz ka, city of drugs and stones’. now i am in complete shock because they were also family friend. i am a DDS pero sakit pala to know one of the people you knew died from war on drugs. Walang pabor pabor kay Duterte. RIP Mayor Parojinog. change has really come” she said.
Cali Calamba from Pagadian City, said that even since the old times, the Parojinogs were already known as drug lords in Mindanao. He also said that there’s no chance that the Parojinog stop their illegal business despite of the warnings from the current administration.
According to him, the Parojinogs deserved to die for what they did to the families they victimized.
“Hindi na yan sila mag babago.. ilang beses ng pinagsabihan/inawat na tumigil.. itong gobyerno natin ay gumawa lang ng aksyon alang alang sa mga matitinong tao.. yan sila.. mga masasamang elemento na hindi na dapat mabuhay pa.. ilang buhay na ang nasira dahil sa shabu? Kulang pang kabayaran ang buhay nila!” he said.
“Suus.. hindi palang ako pinapanganak.. shabu na talaga ang negosyo nila.. dapat lang patayin.. kulang pang kabayaran ang buhay nila!” he added.
Edgielit also slammed Elper for sympathizing to Parojinog’s death and she said that if the Mayor of Ozamiz can leave the illegal drug trade if he wanted to. She explained that the more time that he’s still continuing the illegal drug trade in Ozamiz, more and more families will be destroyed.
“obrang taas na ang isang taon na chance para mag bago! Kung gusto talaga ng isang tao na mag bago, kahit isang buwan lang kayang kaya na.. the longer time na hindi pa siya magbabago the more lives at pamilya ang masisira at magkakagulo! So kailangan mong pumili, buhay ng druglord mo na mayor o mga buhay ng mga taga Ozamis na masisira dahil sa druga?” she told Elmer.w

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